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Below is information on several private airports in the Terlinqua, TX area. When available, we can provide a courtesy car to pilots. Please let us know the aircraft tail number, airport and approximate arrival time at least three (3) days in advance and we will stage a car at the airport for you. More advanced notice is preferred, if possible. The loaner car is used for several guest purposes and is provided on a first come, first served basis.

Some of the closest airports are private but allow anyone to use them with a phone call in advance.

A few thoughts on the local area and airports:
First, Big Bend is very remote. It is one of the last true parts of the Wild West of Texas. Once you head South of Alpine, TX you have left most normal city services behind you and need to plan ahead and be prepared. It is absolutely beautiful here, but untamed. Bring extra water and flashlights. Please don’t run low on fuel and be prepared to have no cell coverage and no support services south of Alpine, TX. What is normal here would be considered abandoned or deserted in most parts of the United States. This extra preparation is needed if flying a plane or driving a car south of Alpine, TX.

If you are traveling to Ten Bits Ranch by car, click here for driving directions to the ranch.


89TE — Lajitas, TX
Call in advance and ask for the Airport Manager. Phone number: 432-424-3544.

Lajitas has a 6,000 ft. paved runway (not 7,500 ft as shown in Foreflight or some places online), beautiful location and beautiful facility. This airport belongs to the Lajitas Resort. 100LL and JetA fuel (price is high) are available. Attended by appointment. The overnight costs can be a bit high. First let them know that you plan to go to the Thirsty Goat and/or Candela restaurant at the Lajitas Resort and that you were referred by Cowboy at Ten Bits Ranch.

This airport is the nicest and safest in the area. It is about a 35-minute drive to the ranch from Lajitas Airport.

Be careful when circling the airport to land. If you get way too wide on the south side, you could cross into Mexican airspace.

3TE8 – Fultcher Field
Call in advance, 432-386-6887 cell or 432-371-3336.

3,600 ft private dirt/gravel strip. This belongs to a private property owner but is popular with guests. Great location. I see all types of Cessna 172, 182 and 206, Piper PA32 and Beechcraft Bonanza 35 and 36 series single engine planes in and out.

I have not used this airport personally, but is seems popular. I am not aware of any services and it appears unattended. There is a hill on the North side. Close enough to the runway that I would take off and land South (runway 13). As with all gravel strips, keep moving forward if you have to raise the engine above idle to avoid the prop throwing gravel.

This airport is right by the ghost town and is 15 minutes from Ten Bits Ranch.

We would use this airport only if you have non-paved airport experience.

4TE4 – Taurus Mesa Airport

This is a private airport. Please call in advance of landing (432-294-2210).

Courtesy car is provided seasonally at this airport. There are no fuel or other services.

There are three (3) dirt/gravel runways. 17R-35L (4,900 ft.), 08-26 (3,200 ft.) and 17L-35R (3,200 ft.)

Taurus Mesa Airport is in a beautiful, but very remote location. It is a 35-minute drive to Ten Bits Ranch and about (12) miles on dirt roads.

1E2 – Terlingua Ranch

4,700 ft public dirt/gravel strip. This belongs to Terlingua Ranch association. Call 432-371-3146 to check runway condition.

No services or attendee that I am aware of. There is a restaurant (Bad Rabbit Cafe) and main building (Terlingua Ranch) a medium walk from the airport. These are attended during normal business hours.

This airport is pretty remote. It is geographically close to us, but with the dirt roads it takes about 25 minutes to get to Ten Bits Ranch.

We would use this airport only if you have non-paved airport experience.

E38 – Alpine, TX
No need to call in advance.

6,000 ft paved runway. Operated by the City of Alpine. Full services with self-serve 100LL and Jet-A fuel. Alpine airport has reasonable fuel prices. This is the last full service airport on the way to Big Bend. Alpine is 1 hr 15 minutes North of Ten Bits Ranch. We don’t provide the courtesy car service here due to the distance and easy availability of services, however you can have Alpine Auto Rentals (432-837-5929) deliver a car to the airport for you.

This airport has normal services and is very similar to any other small US airport.

Download a PDF of these private airport options in the Terlingua, TX area

Please ensure you are aware of the above airport restrictions, advance call requirements and paved/gravel runway options before traveling to the Terlinqua and Alpine, TX area.